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Release of Indian prisoners: 'Five prisoners convicted by military court sent back to India on completion of their sentences'


Pakistani authorities have informed the Islamabad High Court that five Indian prisoners who had served their sentences in a military court have been released and sent back to India.


When Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Athar Minallah heard the Indian High Commission's request for the release of prisoners in Pakistan, Deputy Attorney General Tayyab Shah told the court that the five prisoners were released on October 26 on the instructions of the Interior Ministry. Was released.


He said that after their release, these people have also been sent to India through Wagah border.


It is to be noted that the Indian authorities had filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court for the release of four Indian nationals who had been sentenced under the Army Act and the Official Secrets Act in Pakistan and have served their sentences.



A lawyer for the Indian High Commission told the court that Shamsuddin, one of those deported to India, whose release was petitioned last year, did not want to return despite serving his sentence. But they were deported.


Apart from Shamsuddin, the other four prisoners who have been sent back to India include Burju, Vegan Singh, Satish Bhag and Sonu Singh.


According to the petitioner's lawyer, four to five years have elapsed since these Indian prisoners completed their sentences.


The deputy attorney general told the court that the case of some of the detainees was before the review board, to which the head of the bench remarked that when the sentence was completed, where did the review board come from?


The court said it was against the law to detain an offender if he had served his sentence.


The Chief Justice remarked that if the remaining three Indian prisoners had completed their sentences, they should be sent back, to which the Deputy Attorney General told the court that he would take instructions from the Home Ministry regarding the remaining prisoners and inform the court.


It may be recalled that arrests of fishermen and persons crossing the border by mistake from Pakistan and India have been common and such persons are not released even after completion of their sentences as long as the relations between the two neighboring countries are good. And they do not get the butterfly of freedom as an expression of goodwill.


The hearing of these petitions has been adjourned till November 5.

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