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Shahbaz Sharif: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief in jail day and night and four books under his study

An accountability court in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province in Pakistan, has extended the judicial remand of PML-N chief Shahbaz Sharif, his son Hamza Shahbaz and others till November 2 in a money laundering case.


The accountability court has also adjourned the matter till the next hearing regarding the trial of money laundering reference in jail at the request of the prosecution.


Accused Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz were not present in the court when Accountability Court Judge Jawad Al-Hassan started hearing the case on Tuesday, which angered the judge.


According to journalist Rana Bilal, Judge Jawad Al-Hassan asked, "It is ten o'clock in the morning but the accused have not reached the court. Will they be produced at two o'clock in the afternoon?"


At the beginning of the hearing, a report was also presented before the court regarding the provision of food to Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz in jail.


The judge said that the late appearance of the accused in the court was hampering the trial. The court directed that the accused be produced before the court at 9.30 am for all future hearings. He also directed the IG Punjab, Jail Superintendent and Home Secretary to ensure implementation of these court orders.


Shahbaz Sharif handed over to NAB on 14-day physical remand

During the hearing, Judge Jawad Al-Hassan had a conversation with Raja Khurram Shehzad, a member of the Muslim League-Nawaz Lawyers Forum, after which Judge Jawad Al-Hassan indicated that he would try the case in jail.


Judge Jawad al-Hassan said he would not put people at risk of contracting the corona virus and would take care of the health of staff, prosecutors and lawyers.


When the trial resumed after Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz appeared in court, Judge Jawad Al-Hassan told Shahbaz Sharif that "the legal rights you have will be given to you."



Shahbaz Sharif told the court that the NAB had special instructions from Imran Khan to harass him, to which NAB Special Prosecutor Usman G. Rashid Cheema replied that Shahbaz Sharif was making baseless allegations.


Talking to Shahbaz Sharif, Judge Jawad Al-Hassan said that the plot case against him has been closed, he has come to me for approval.


On this Shahbaz Sharif said that he did not even know which cases were made and which were not. "If they can, put all the cases of Pakistan against me."


On this, Judge Jawad Al-Hassan asked that the inquiry into plots against him has been closed in NAB, so should he obey NAB.


To this, Shahbaz Sharif replied, "Sir, please, the NAB will not accept everything." On which the entire court became a courtesy.


Shahbaz Sharif's lawyer Amjad Pervez told the court that Shahbaz Sharif was not provided complete copies of the reference. He added, "Allah did not punish the devil without listening, so how can he plead guilty without listening."


Following this, the court directed Amjad Pervez Advocate to file a written application for providing copies of the statements of the pardoned witnesses.


On the other hand, the prosecutor told the court that the investigating officers were in the Supreme Court and therefore copies of the statements of the promised witnesses could not be provided on Tuesday.


The court told him that if copies were provided, the indictment would be launched a week later.


Besides, Shahbaz Sharif's lawyer said that Nusrat Shahbaz wanted to appear but could not do so due to illness, to which the NAB prosecutor said that sudden reports about Nusrat Shahbaz's illness had been submitted.


The NAB prosecutor further said that even when summons were issued to Nusrat Shahbaz, she could have filed an apology for attendance but Nusrat Shahbaz's application for exemption from attendance was made only when she realized that she had appeared in court No solution is possible.



Shahbaz Sharif's lawyer, Ataullah Tarar, told the BBC's Manza Anwar that he had taken four books for Shahbaz Sharif, including John Gooch's 'Muslin's War' and journalist Declan Wash's 'Nine'. Lives of Pakistan, An Apple Bomb's Twilight of Democracy, and Sonar Kigpte's book on Turkish and Middle Eastern politics, Erdogan's Empire.


In response to the question whether Shahaz Sharif himself had asked to bring these books, Ataullah Tarar said that Shahbaz Sharif had given only wide titles but I had chosen the books myself.


Talking about Shahbaz Sharif's routine in jail, Ataullah Tarar said that he spends his days reading newspapers and books. "Besides, he writes things about his case."


Talking about the facilities available to Shahbaz Sharif in jail, he said, “Shahbaz Sharif is 70 years old and he is suffering from back pain but he is being kept in very difficult conditions. On the first day, they were sewn on the floor, not given an ass, a chair or any other facility which is the right of every prisoner.


Ataullah Tarar said, "Even today, we have told the court that despite all this, the jail authorities have given him only one bed."


He further said that if Shahbaz Sharif was not taken care of properly and physiotherapyIf the facility is not provided, there is a danger that their back pain will increase.


He also said that earlier Shahbaz Sharif was not even allowed to bring food from home.


"There was an order from the government that there would be no food, no chair, no bed, no facilities, they would be sewn and seated on the ground but later they had to get permission from the court to eat."


Ataullah Tarar said that Shahbaz Sharif's son Hamza Sharif is also in the same jail. Although he is not allowed to see his son, his morale is high because he has gone through similar situations before and he is calm inside.

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