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Ali Zafar, Mesha Shafi Controversy: Social Media Users' Mixed Reaction to Appointing Singer as Ambassador to Namal Knowledge City

 Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday laid the foundation stone of Namal Knowledge City in Mianwali, Punjab Province, and appointed renowned singer and actor Ali Zafar as its ambassador, about which Ali Zafar expressed his happiness in a tweet. He also said that he is proud that he has been given this post.

But on the one hand, Ali Zafar's fans congratulated him, on the other hand, a large number of users on social networking sites have strongly criticized the decision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Many of these users questioned whether there was anyone in Pakistan other than Ali Zafar who was entitled to the post.

In April 2018, Mesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of sexually harassing him in a tweet that sparked a long legal battle.

The two first began a series of dissenting statements and then reached the legal notice. The court later dismissed the case on "technical grounds" because, according to the Lahore High Court, the parties did not have an employer-employee relationship.

Since then, there have been occasional debates on social media by supporters of both sides, and this time too, something similar is happening with the appointment of Ali Zafar as Namal Knowledge City's ambassador.

"Ali Zafar suddenly started getting work and acceptance"

A user on the social networking site Twitter wrote that it is disturbing that Ali Zafar, whose popularity has been declining for some time, has suddenly started getting work and is gaining public acceptance. Yes, and all this is happening after allegations of harassment have been made against them.

Another user, Ayman, also criticized the decision, saying, "Welcome to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where well-known economist Atif Mian cannot address students at any university, but Ali Zafar, who allegedly harassed women. He does not have any special academic qualifications of his own. He can be appointed as an ambassador of a university which is also founded by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Another user, Mashal Malik, writes that the decision suggests that Imran Khan wants to give a signal. 

In his tweet, user Basit referred to an incident in the book of Imran Khan's ex-wife Reham Khan in which Reham Khan narrates how Imran Khan tweeted a song of Ali Zafar to please the singer.

"No one can be punished just because of the charges."

But on the other hand, Ali Zafar's supporters also expressed good wishes for him and defended the criticism against him.

One user wrote that he has no personal connection with Ali Zafar or Mesha Shafi, but no one can be punished just because of the charges.

Another user Ali also raised the same point that Ali Zafar was acquitted by the court, so how can his becoming an ambassador for Namal Knowledge City be an attack on women?

It should be noted that Ali Zafar was awarded the Medal of Excellence by the Government of Pakistan two months ago in August and on this occasion she also faced severe criticism and the award was withdrawn by women's rights organizations. Was requested.

Then in September, Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency (FIA Cyber Crimes Lahore) registered an FIR against a total of nine people, including Mesha Shafi, for allegedly trying to defame singer Ali Zafar under a well-planned scheme. ۔

Ali Zafar had also lodged a complaint with the FIA Cyber Crime Wing in November 2018, alleging that a number of social media accounts were posting 'threatening and defamatory material' against him. Are

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