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Ayaz Sadiq's Statement on Abhinandan's Case and DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar's Response: On February 26, India lost its mouth


This cannot be ruled out because earlier the rate of return on them was higher then more investment was coming which is now less. However, he said the trend seems temporary as the return on investment in savings schemes is still higher than in banks and elsewhere.



According to him, there was no such condition before that when investing, one would ask about these sources where the money came from. According to him, scrutiny of the money invested in these schemes under FATF rules has also led to low investment.


Abdul Rehman Warraich, director general of the finance ministry's debit office, confirmed that work had begun on auditing the money invested in the schemes under FTAF rules. According to him, these schemes were not previously monitored by the State Bank of Pakistan and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.


He said that now if anyone is opening an account in National Savings, he will be asked what is his source of income. He said that a committee is also being formed in this regard which will make laws in this regard.


According to Warraich, overseeing national savings schemes under FTAF terms will temporarily discourage investment, but it is a good move for the future to prevent the use of dubious money.


What is the impact of low investment in savings schemes on the government?


The money raised through savings schemes is used by the government to meet its budgetary needs. Talking about the low investment in the next two months, Warraich said it did not make much difference as the government was borrowing money from the bond market to cover its expenses where cheap loans were available due to low interest rates. Is found.


Muzammil Aslam said that loans from banks are cheaper due to lower interest rates, so the government will not make much difference due to the low capital raised from savings schemes.... Qureshi was also present at the meeting, in which the prime minister refused to attend and the army chief attended. The legs were trembling, there was sweat on the forehead, and Shah Mehmood Sahib told us that God forbid, now let him (Abhinandan) go back because if that doesn't happen then India is going to attack Pakistan at nine o'clock at night. India had no choice but to kneel down and send Abhinandan back.


In a video message released on Thursday afternoon in view of the reaction from India, Ayaz Sadiq explained that what was being broadcast in the Indian media regarding his statement of the previous day was out of context. And the exact opposite of what he actually said.


He says that when Abhinandan came to Pakistan, he did not come to distribute any sweets, he had attacked Pakistan and his downing of the plane was a victory for Pakistan.


"But when Imran Khan called a meeting of parliamentary leaders, Shah Mehmood came in. He had so much sweat on his forehead and he was very upset," he said. At the behest of whom they were doing this, what was the pressure on them, the Prime Minister did not consider it appropriate to share with us because he did not attend the meeting.


He said, “Shah Mehmood Qureshi came and said that we want to return Abhinandan. We did it for the national interest and it was a decision of the civil leadership. We did not agree with this decision because we were in no hurry to return Abhinandan and would have waited a little longer.


He said that this decision was taken in the national interest but it showed weakness of civil leadership.


Shibli Faraz

, Photo source RADIO PAKISTAN

Shibli Faraz: "Such things strengthen the enemy's agenda"


On the other hand, addressing the upper house of parliament, Information Minister Shibli Faraz said that such statements were being made by the opposition leaders which were fueling the enemy's agenda.


Referring to Ayaz Sadiq's viral statement, he said, "On February 27, 2019, Pakistan's brave air force shot down an Indian plane, but today I read in the news that it has also been made controversial."


"You should be ashamed to say such a thing against the national interest," he said.


Shibli Faraz said that we had released Abhinandan to show our generosity to the world but he has also tried to declare our victory as defeat and has also made it controversial.


It may be recalled that on February 27, 2019, a day after the bombing of Jaba village in Balakot area of ​​Pakistan, the Pakistan Air Force shot down an Indian jet and arrested fighter pilot wing commander Abhinandan Vartman in Hodaran area near the Line of Control.


However, he was handed over to Indian authorities only 60 hours after his arrest.


Social media reaction to Ayaz Sadiq's statement


On the one hand, consumers and analysts in India were announcing their victory in the tensions with Pakistan in February 2019 through these words, on the other hand, Pakistani consumers were calling the Member of the National Assembly a 'traitor' and various other titles They were also demanding action against him.


Looking at social media, it seems that the tension that erupted almost 20 months ago is as important to the Pakistani and Indian people today as it is to any cricket match between the two countries.


The only difference is that both of them think that victory came to them.


The media in India and most of the users were also seen commenting that Ayaz Sadiq's words "Monday was trembling, sweat was on his forehead" were actually used for General Bajwa, the Chief of Pakistan Army Staff. It is possible that these words were used for Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.




"To tarnish one's own honor with one's own hands?"


Trending Abhinandan on Pakistani social media is nothing new. Sometimes he has been commenting on any news coming out of the Indian Air Force, sometimes in Pakistan there has been talk of calling a cup of tea 'very high'.


However, all these comments were sometimes made as satire and sometimes as a joke, but today most of the users appeared to be very angry.


One user wrote that Ayaz Sadiq's statement broke my heart. I'm crying at the moment, so disrespectful, it's like tarnishing my own honor with my own hands.


A user named Mann wrote, “India's happiness over Ayaz Sadiq's statement is very disturbing. Shah Mehmood Qureshi will have to answer this because it is a matter of national security.


One user wrote that the PML-N has fallen so low in hatred of Imran Khan that it no longer cares about the country. Our intelligence agencies should speak out against this anti-national ideology.


Most of the users also called Ayaz Sadiq and his party 'traitors' and spoke of taking action against them.


A user named Babar Hayat wrote: 'Poor Indian consumers are rejoicing over Ayaz Sadiq's statement but ignoring the fact that he is in the opposition and doing so to cover up his corruption. '


A user named Malik Achakzai defended Ayaz Sadiq, saying that as a Member of Parliament, he had every right to explain the situation to Abhinandan.


'Truth' about Abhinandan's release revealed '...

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