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Despite Trump's threats, Tik Tak announces business expansion

 Despite repeated attacks by the administration of US President Donald Trump, Chinese social media company Tik Tak has announced plans to expand its business around the world, including in the United States.

The Chinese company has announced that it will work with online retailers to help merchants create videos and ads that will enable them to grow their business.

A Tuk-Tuk spokesman told the BBC that 3,000 engineers would also be employed over the next three years. The short-length videos app was asked to sell its business in the United States to US companies, otherwise it was banned.

Most of the engineers will be from Europe, Canada, the United States and Singapore, which will ensure its faster global production, according to Byte Dance, the founding company of Tik Tak.

There are currently about a thousand TuckTuck engineers from other countries, half of whom are in California. It was revealed last month that IK Byte Dance plans to invest billions of dollars in employing hundreds of employees in Singapore. Singapore has been chosen as its headquarters in Southeast Asia.

The Trump administration says Chinese social media platforms, including TikTuk and WeChat, pose a threat to national security and allow users' data to reach the Chinese government.

Both companies have repeatedly denied the allegations. Despite the uncertainty in the United States, Tik Tak continued to grow and provide jobs to more people, expand its business, and advance in e-commerce.

On Tuesday, the Canadian company Shapifai said it would work with Tik Tak to allow businesses in the United States to create video ads. The partnership will help one million merchants create affordable video ads for their products.

Tick tock users can purchase these videos by clicking on Shopify. Sharing will first be available in the United States, where the Chinese app has 100 million users. The company plans to launch a similar global partnership in Europe and Southeast Asia by the beginning of next year.

"We've seen people in our community feel happy to be in touch with their favorite brand," said a TuckTalk spokesman.

U.S. sanctions

Donald Trump passed an executive order against the founding company of Tik Tak, but it was not challenged in US courts.

One of the orders calls for Byte Dance to sell US operations until a week after the US presidential election in November, otherwise it faces forced sanctions.

In June, Walmart also partnered with Shopify to grow its online business, with online shopping booming during the epidemic.

On November 4, a judge will consider whether to allow the US government to ban the download of TickTack from the US Store App Store.

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