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Doll or car: What toy is your child playing with?


You must have played with toys when you were younger. Every child plays. There was a time when dolls, dolls and galloping horses were children's favorite toys. Then came the era of the Walkman, Viewmaster and diecast vehicles, and now Legoz, action figures and drones rule children's hearts.


But if nothing has changed in all these years, it is the distribution of toys based on gender. The same pattern has been passed down from generation to generation that a boy will always play with a car and if he is a girl he will be given a doll.


But if we see a boy playing with a doll or a 'superhero' in a girl's hand, why do we find it strange?


After all, who has decided that it is forbidden for a boy to play with a 'kitchen set' and for a girl to play with 'tools'? Would any law, tradition or scientific research prohibit a girl from being a fan of 'Superman' and a boy from being called a 'Barbie' fan?



This question was not so difficult but still some children started thinking. Some stopped at just one toy, but there were also many who lost the list of their favorite toys.


A serious boy replied in the manner of an old man, "I don't know this," then someone complained that my mother or father had told me to play with such and such a toy.


House or doll

But then finally someone took the name of the car and someone's favorite doll came out. Some liked 'Barbie' while others were addicted to guns and swords. Some people liked 'Superman' and some people liked 'Legoz'.


A choice


In the first phase of the experiment, we placed two toys in front of the children. One is socially appropriate for girls and the other is a toy that is considered suitable for boys to play with.


The children were then asked to choose one of the two toys.


But wait ... Before we tell you the results of the experiment, let's try to find out why the child chooses a particular toy and the reasons behind it.


Doll or car

'Baby doesn't have a theory'


The science of psychology shows that when a child is born, he does not come into the world with any kind of ideas. He learns everything using his surroundings and his observations.


According to experts, the most important source of learning for children up to the age of six is ​​play-based learning. In this way, as critical thinking develops in them, creativity also develops and they become ready for practical life. Toys are also a very important part of this whole experience.


Psychologists say that children often like toys that they are attracted to. In addition, toys given as gifts by adults also influence their choice.


Doll or car

What happened to the experience?


Following this introduction, let us now turn to the results of experiments with children.


What was expected happened.


The boys chose 'excavator', 'batman', 'car' and 'tools', while the girls liked dolls, 'tea sets' and dishwashing sinks.


The girls started arranging the items kept in the doll's house while the boys started running the remote controlled car.


The boys took out the tool set and squeezed the punch parts from the screw driver and the girls started pouring imaginary tea into the cup from the kettle of the tea set.


House or doll

'Boys' stuff'


When the children were asked the reason for their choice, they did not answer, but spoke of the outdated traditions and stereotypes of society.


Mary, with big eyes, reminded me that 'Batman' is actually for boys.


Omar announced that since the T-set is pink and he doesn't like the pink color, he can't choose the toy.


Ira added to our information that 'tools' are for boys.


Wearing a colorful floral print frock and a pink watch, Eshal decided that the girls were playing with dolls.


Hussein said the dishwasher sink was used by girls.


House or doll

And Anya solved the problem that Mama had said 'put' is better.


Patriarchal society


The basic concept of patriarchal society is that a man earns and a woman takes care of the house. In this system, femininity is a sign of weakness and subordination, while masculinity is considered a sign of strength and superiority.


So if a boy plays with toys that have been conceived exclusively for girls for centuries, society may assume that he is adopting feminine methods, so he is weak.


But these perceptions are changing around the world, especially in the wake of the ongoing women's rights movements in the West.


Hamza Waseem, who runs an online toy store in Pakistan, says parents now have Unix. The trend is growing.


Doll or car

"There are a lot of DIY toys in our store, which are made by the children themselves." There are also 'slime', 'legos' and blocks. These are all toys that do not belong to the same sex and are equally popular with boys and girls.



One of the hypocritical attitudes of traditional society is that if a girl wants to play with cars or 'superheroes', her parents don't mind much. But if the boy starts playing with dolls, the parents get nervous.


Psychologist Amara Batool says that 'nurturing toys' are toys that play with children to create empathy for others.


"For example, dolls or kitchen sets are counted in 'Nurturing Toys' and research has shown that boys who play with these toys grow up to be kind and compassionate people."


Amara Batool added that a variety of unique experiences are essential for the proper upbringing of children. It is not that these experiences affect their sexuality as they get older.



According to Amara Batol, when a child plays with a toy, he imagines himself using that particular object in reality. Therefore, it is very important for parents and teachers to be careful about which toys are in the hands of children.


"If a child plays with a toy gun, he can think of himself as a policeman or a robber. But in both cases, there is the full potential of violence.


Amara claims that children who play with such toys are more likely to develop violent attitudes. These behaviors can also lead to physical and sexual violence in men as they get older.



According to experts, most parents are now very sensitive about their children's education. They want to know what toys the child is playing with and how they will affect the child's mental and physical development.


Psychologist Amara Batol advises parents to choose 'Unix' or 'Gender Neutral' toys for their children.


For example, legos, blocks, or scientific experiments that develop children's imaginative and thinking abilities. ‘


House or doll

"The job of toys is not only to keep children busy, but also to make them learn something, exercise them or be familiar with other children's interactions and teamwork concepts."

This time they just chose the toy of their choice.


It was as if the children had been released from prison. The boys dared and opened the sink tap in fear, as if fire, not water, would come out of it. Some put Sharma Sharma aside and made Hawaiian tea in a plastic tea set.


Where do the girls stay behind? One wore a safety hat and the other took control of the remote control. Someone came up with 'Batman' and some future engineer ... A plastic drill machine began to pierce the mock wall.


And so these small children gave another push to the tall wall of the patriarchy.


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