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European League: Three runs required on one ball and old and tried cricket tactics discussed on social media


Cricket infrastructure is often said to be weak in developing countries that play cricket, but it is also true that even developed countries may not be able to find an alternative to low-level street cricket.

The tricks learned in street cricket may have somehow benefited the fallen players in professional cricket, but the practical demonstration of these tricks in international cricket is seldom seen.

A similar trick was seen in the limited ten-over match between 'Pakistan CC' and 'Kings CC' in the European Cricket Series 'Barcelona Tournament' when Pakistan CC needed three runs to win the last ball. Were

Then something happened that the last ball could not be played by the batsmen and the ball went into the hands of the keeper. Meanwhile, both the batsmen ran and made a run.

You may think that the match ended here, but it did not happen.

The situation after that is interesting. The batsman at the keeper's end remained in the crease and asked the batsman to take a run from the bowling end. This was a new situation for the keeper as he could not get the batsman out at his end.

Instead of showing his mind, he kept the ball in his hand.

And as the players from the other end entered the crease towards him, the other batsman started running towards the bowling end.

In such a situation, the keeper delayed a bit, the bowler also missed the target and in the midst of all this, the batsman completed the second run.

So this match became a tie.

But when the video was posted on social media, most people were shocked. Of course, these surprised Europeans have never seen the agility or cunning of the players in street cricket.

Some people do not understand how this is possible.

But most of them started remembering their street cricket days and some cricket fans started talking about the rules of cricket and the ball being 'dead'. But some users also appreciated the cunning of the batsmen.

What do the rules of cricket say about the ball being 'dead'?

According to the rules of cricket, the ball is 'dead' (ie neither the player can be bowled out nor run taken) after the umpire at the bowling end has clearly decided whether to field Both the team and the batsmen have realized that the ball is 'dead'.

'Play with the brain'

While the debate over ball-deadness subsided, most Twitter users reacted by saying, "It's over," and someone said, "I'll do it once in street cricket." I have done.'

"Even the TV show MoneyHeast can't compete with it," wrote a user named Rahul Jadhav.

There was a fight. "

Most of the users seemed to appreciate the present mentality of both the batsmen and one user even said, "I thought I had seen everything in this game."

Some users found the move controversial and began making allegations of fixing.

According to him, this was the result of the cheapness of the wicket keeper. One asked, "Doesn't the wicketkeeper know what the rules of cricket say?"

Similarly, most of the users were seen criticizing the quality of cricket in this league which took place in Spain. "Our team can play better than them," said one user.

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