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'Invincible' Habib Nurmuhammedov retired from MMA wrestling, tribute to Ronaldo, McGregor


Russian MMA wrestler Habib Abdulmanapovich Nurmuhammedov has maintained his unbeaten record in professional wrestling by winning the lightweight title at the UFC 254 tournament in Abu Dhabi, but has also announced his retirement.

Habib Nurmuhammedov, 32, beat interim champion Justin Gichi in the second round of the match called "Triangle Square", forcing Gichi to concede defeat, giving Habib his 29th victory.

Announcing his retirement, Habib said that he paid tribute to his father, who was his coach and teacher, through this victory. Habib's father, Abdul Manap, died in July this year due to complications caused by Code 19.

Although many thought that Nurmuhammedov would like to achieve his 30th victory before retirement, Habib emotionally asked his teammates to cut their gloves before retirement.

"It was my last fight," he said. I can't even think of coming here without my father.

". I talked to my mother about it for three days.

She also did not want me to fight without my father but I promised her that this would be my last fight and when I give my tongue to someone I have to fulfill it. This was my last fight.

"I am an undisputed UFC light champion. Record of 13 zero in UFC and record of 29 victories in professional MMA career. I think I deserve it.

Habib's 'foot was broken three weeks ago'

UFC President Dina White said: "We are very lucky to have seen this man play tonight. I also know about rumors I didn't know before. It is said that he (Habib) was in the hospital. His leg was broken three weeks ago. He had two broken toes and a broken bone. I found out from his team but Habib did not tell anyone.

"Habib is one of the strongest men in the world and he is at the top as a pound for pound fighter and we have to count him among the best players in the world now," he said.

It is believed that Habib was returning in this match played on Yas Island. The reason was that he could not leave the country to defend his title due to sanctions imposed by the global corona virus epidemic in Russia this year.

At the time, Habib was scheduled to face Tony Ferguson in UFC 249, but Ferguson fought Gichi and was the winner of the five-round interim title.

Analysts believe that Gichi could pose a problem for Nurmuhammedov as his diverse wrestling experience will be a challenge to Habib's aggressive and subdued style.

However, Nurmuhammedov dominated Gichi in the first round thanks to his aggressive tactics and was forced to concede defeat in the second round.

Habib added Gitchie's list to a list of names such as Dustin Poirier, Connor McGregor, El Laquinta and Edson Barbosa.

Habib also thanked Gichi, who for the first time in his life brought his parents to watch his match on an international flight.

He also paid tribute to Gitchie who helped him lose the last few pounds four years ago and came to Habib's aid with Darrell Horker on a short flight.

"Thank you very much Justin," Habib said. You helped me a lot in 2016 when I was trying to lose weight. Thank you very much for that, brother. '

 know you think of people close to you. I know a lot about you

"Get as close to your family as you can because you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. You don't know

Fans reaction

The news came as a shock to Habib's fans that his favorite wrestlers will no longer be seen in the arena, but at the same time, he continues to receive good wishes from players and fans.

Connor McGregor, one of Habib's toughest rivals, who lost to Habib in 2018, also paid tribute to Habib.

He wrote in a tweet tagging Habib: 'Good performance'. On behalf of his family, he paid tribute to Habib's father and offered condolences to him.

It should be noted that before this match in 2018, the bitterness between Nurmuhammedov and McGregor had been growing for several weeks, even after the match, the two had a handshake.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a well-known footballer in the world, wrote on Instagram story paying tribute to Habib: "Congratulations brother, your father is proud of you. A Twitter user pointed to Habib's 0-29 record and commented that 29 people tried but only 29 failed, only Habib succeeded.

Writer and jurist Khalid Bedoun compared Habib to the famous boxer Muhammad Ali and wrote the sayings of both.

Posting a photo taken after Habib's victory, Sadia Manzoor said that this is the most proud and sad picture available on the internet today.

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