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The discovery of water molecules on the bright side of the moon for the first time, NASA announced


Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has unveiled a model of a new spacecraft that will go to the moon by 2024 with humans and essential equipment.

The unmanned Blue Moon will be used to transport scientific instruments, satellites and vehicles.

It has a new rocket engine called 'BE7' which can fly with a power of 4535 kg.

In Washington, Bezos presented the goals of his space company, Blue Origin, to potential customers and NASA officials.

The Blue Moon has enough fuel to reach the moon from Earth.

It is capable of carrying goods to the surface of the moon, such as four automatic vehicles, as well as sending satellites into lunar orbit.

The Blue Moon will weigh 33,000 pounds, including fuel, as it travels from Earth to 7,000 pounds when it reaches the moon.

Hydrogen can be made from the water taken from this ice, through which spacecraft can go on more missions in the solar system.

In March, President Trump's administration announced plans to send American astronauts back to the moon by 2024.

The attempt will be to land the Blue Moon at the South Pole of the Moon, where ice deposits have been found in pits.

In his speech, Jeff Bezos said that Blue Origin would complete its work by President Trump's deadline, but that it would be possible because he began work on it in 2016.

Bezos says he wants to make it easier to reach the moon because he dreams of people living and working in space in the future.

To illustrate his point, he showed some images of self-contained space populations where humans, animals and plants could live.

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