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When and where did President Trump mention Pakistan?


US President Donald Trump has posted nine tweets during his presidency mentioning Pakistan, and one of them was deleted after posting. Besides, he has mentioned Pakistan fifty times on different occasions.

According to the Fact Base website, President Trump's first statement about Pakistan was issued in October 1999, in which he named Pakistan in reference to the threat of nuclear weapons. Then in November of the same year, he mentioned Pakistan's nuclear weapons with North Korea, China and India.

'Straighten up: Pakistan is not our friend'

However, even before his presidency, he posted several tweets about Pakistan, the first of which he posted in 2011 in which he said, "Go straight: Pakistan is our friend." do not have.'

His last tweet, which mentioned Pakistan, was posted on January 22 this year, in which he accused the Democratic Party of withholding US aid to several countries besides Ukraine and Pakistan with the intention of corruption.

US President Donald Trump made his last statement on Pakistan, assuring Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan of US support for the corona virus. President Trump spoke to Prime Minister Imran Khan on the telephone and he promised to provide ventilators. Since then, there has been no occasion for him to mention Pakistan.

Earlier, Mr Trump posted another tweet in July 2012, asking "when will Pakistan apologize to us for giving Osama bin Laden safe haven for six years." Then in June 2014, he raised questions about US foreign policy in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Then in July 2014, Mr. Trump asked then-US Secretary of State John Kerry about the nuclear capabilities of Iran, North Korea and Pakistan: "Did you know that North Korea, Iran and Pakistan have nuclear weapons?" Are there weapons? '

As the Republican Party's presidential candidate in 2016, he mentioned Pakistan after a terrorist attack on locals of a Pakistani-born couple in St. Bernardino, California. The attack took place in December 2015, killing 14 people and injuring 22.

March 2016 mentioned a terrorist attack on Christian women and children in Pakistan that killed 67 people and injured 400 others. He also claimed in the same tweet that "only I can solve (the problem)."

Pakistan in the election campaign

The mention of Pakistan in President Trump's speeches resurfaced in June 2016, when he began to see the terrorist attack on St. Bernardino as an advantage in his election campaign. A Pakistani-born couple was responsible for killing ordinary Americans in the attack. "Among them was the son of an immigrant who also brought his wife." It also mentioned Pakistan.

Later, during his election campaign, Donald Trump mentioned Pakistan in reference to the killing of women in the name of honor. Regarding the killing of women in the name of honor, Trump mentioned the murder of Qandil Baloch without naming him: "Recently, a social media star was strangled to death by his brother."

In several statements of August 2016, he mentioned Pakistan. This trend continued in September. Referring to a research report by Pew International, she said, "In Afghanistan and Pakistan, killing women in the name of honor is considered right. In the same way, those who leave their religion are sentenced to death.


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After being elected president

Even after winning the elections, Pakistan is not mentioned in his speeches or tweets.

Then, in May 2017, he mentions Pakistan by attending a memorial service for a US soldier killed in Afghanistan. "Just three months after his deployment, Chris was near the Pakistani border where he was killed by a landmine."

At a press conference on August 10, 2017, President Trump vowed to rid the world of nuclear weapons, saying that nuclear weapons are a greater threat than climate change. "I urge Russia, China, Pakistan and all countries that have nuclear weapons to get rid of them."

On August 21 of the same year, he said in a statement that the security threats in Afghanistan and its border areas are very high. "Currently, there are 20 terrorist organizations operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is the highest number in any region of the world in one place. ‘

On October 13, 2017, President Trump said, "Pakistan has taken undue advantage of the United States over the years," but now we...We are starting to build real relations with Pakistan. On the same day, he tweeted, "We are starting a new relationship, for which I would like to thank their leaders."

Speaking on National Security Policy on December 17 of the same year, President Trump said that we no longer communicate our actions to others, so we are beginning to see better results. "And we have to continue cooperating with Pakistan but we have told them that we want results, we pay a lot of money."

On December 28, he mentioned an unknown person in Pakistan who, according to him, was mentioned in the computer of Hillary Clinton who was working for the Democratic National Convention. Mr Trump has demanded that the FBI investigate the alleged Pakistani man for allegedly rigging the election.

On January 2, 2018, he posted another tweet saying, "This is not the only Pakistan to which we give billions of dollars without profit." He also complained about the aid given to the Palestinians that the United States gives them millions of dollars but does not value it.

Hillary Clinton and 'Pakistani Fraudster'

In a tweet on April 20, 2018, President Trump reiterates the mysterious Pakistani who he said was mentioned on Hillary Clinton's missing computer. He was urging the FBI to take action. However, he later deleted the tweet.

Then, on July 7, he again accused Hillary Clinton and the Democrats of rigging the election. He also mentioned this Pakistani in this tweet. This time, he called her a "Pakistani fraudster" and demanded an inquiry against all of them.

Addressing a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the same issue on July 16, 2108, he said in response to a question, "Nothing can be done without finding that server." Where did the server of the Pakistani who worked for DNC go? Where are those servers (computers)?

Then the next day, in an interview on the same subject in Helsinki, he mentioned an unknown person with a Pakistani computer. Speaking to Bloomberg on August 30, President Trump vaguely called the Pakistani "Awan from Pakistan."

They were not doing anything for him.

On November 19, President Trump tweeted, "We should have caught Osama bin Laden much earlier. I mentioned this in my book before the attack on the World Trade Center. President Clinton missed the opportunity. We gave billions of dollars to Pakistan and they did not tell us anything about it. Stupid! '

The next day, November 20, 2018, he told American journalists, "I want Pakistan to help us. We are no longer giving ارب 1.3 billion to Pakistan. We are not giving them anything because they did nothing to help us.

"We want to have good relations with Pakistan, but they make our enemies," President Trump told his cabinet meeting on January 2, 2019. So I look forward to meeting Pakistan's new leaders and their new people. It will not be too late. Pakistan was repeatedly mentioned in this meeting.

Similarly, in an interview with Shane Hannity on January 10, President Trump mentioned various statements from Pakistan. And then a silence. About 150 illegal immigrants from Mexico were caught crossing the border. President Trump announced in a January 14 speech that three of them were Pakistanis.

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